Investment projects
We select only those projects that meet our strict criteria. In terms of investment, we strive to ensure a balance of interests of entrepreneurs and investors
Capitalization increase
In portfolio companies, we support technological and corporate development, bringing in the missing competencies
Global expansion
We support portfolio companies when entering the global market with a product

Our Team

Evgeny Bazarov
Managing Partner
Over 20 years in international business management. Angel investor (over 1,000 startups per year in pipeline, 25+ invested), expert in SaaS, blockchain and Web3. MSc in Public Relations, MSc in Linguistics (English, French, Spanish), PhD in Cognitive Technologies. Graduate of Stanford Venture Capital course, NEIC member. Board and jury member of Business Angels Switzerland, part of Venture Kick jury. Board member in 3 startups. A startup coach and advisor. Member of CVA.

Katia Gaika
Vast experience in startup selection and management (3,000+ assessed, 30 invested) while in one of the biggest corporate VC funds. 10+ years in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur and VC advisor. A Columbia University (BA) and Manchester University (MSc) graduate, led a number of projects in IT, finance and media for Booz&Co (a leading management consulting firm) in New York and Dubai. A founder of a boutique consulting firm, helping build teams, Boards of Directors/Advisers and expert communities.
El Shikhlinsky
Senior Advisor
An expert in the venture capital industry with extensive experience in supporting the growth of technology companies and strategic management. More than 15 years in project management and corporate finance. MSc in Finance and Credit at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). An active investor (15+ startups), a coach in a few accelerators, and a board member in several startups. Broad experience in corporate finance, project finance, strategic management, venture capital and equity capital markets.

For entrepreneurs and business co-owners

We follow a special strategy in the venture capital industry, and we are ready to start interacting with you at the earliest stage (pre-seed)
Here you can learn more about our principles in attracting investment, our approach to the analysis and selection of investment projects and support for further development
About us

For partners and co‑investors

We are fully open to partnerships that contribute to the development of our portfolio companies and are in line with our business
We are also happy to share and offer interesting investment opportunities for private investors. You can get more information about our work standards and discuss cooperation options

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Rue Haldimand 10, CH-1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

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